Laboratory for Affective Intelligent Robotics(LAIR)won the second place in the international competition for expression recognition


In November 2018, the final result of the EmotioNet Challenge in the field of computer expression recognition was revealed. The expression recognition technology developed by Peking University's Laboratory for Affective Intelligent Robotics has achieved remarkable results, and the evaluation results in basic expressions and composite expression recognition are among the best. Congratulations on the good effects of the second place!

The EmotioNet Challenge, hosted by the Ohio State University, attracted many professional teams from MIT, Washington University, VisionLab, GammaLab, and other domestic and international academic and industrial circles. It is a global computer expression recognition.  One of the most popular competitions in the field.

It is worth mentioning that the young team members of the Laboratory for Affective Intelligent Robotics participating in the competition, Tianfu Jiang, Gaohan Zhang, Yingjie Chen, Yueqi Xie, and Zilingfeng Ye did not have any experience in participating in the contest before. They were under the guidance of Teacher Tao Wang. The broad foundation and scientific research accumulation, the first attempt, won second place in the field of computer expression recognition in the international competition.

                                                                      Teacher Tao Wang tests daily robot expression recognition ability

Peking University Laboratory for Affective Intelligent Robotics overview:

The Laboratory for Affective Intelligent Robotics (LAIR) was established in 2017. The director of the laboratory is Associate Professor Tao Wang. LAIR's mission is to give robots real intelligence and emotion. LAIR is currently working to enable robots to interact emotionally with people, to accurately identify human emotions, and to positively influence people's feelings. Since its establishment more than a year ago, LAIR has published many academic papers in international conferences and journals such as IROS 2017, ACII Asia 2018, ICAA 2018, WRC SARA 2018, ISR 2018, and International Journal of Crowd Science. Among them, ICAA 2018 has achieved the best. Paper award.


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