Title Speaker Speaker's Afflication Date Host
Recent Advances in Hardware Acceleration Prof. Wayne Luk Imeprial College London 2023-10-26 Guojie Luo
Learning Computational Wisdom with Circuits: From EDA to General Hard Problem-Solving Prof. Qiang Xu Chinese University of Hong Kong 2023-09-28 Guojie Luo
快速大规模神经网络训练 Yang You National University of Singapore 2021-12-01 Eric Yun Liang
集成电路寄生参数提取技术 Prof. Wenjian Yu Tsinghua University 2021-05-31 Yibo Lin
面向含噪中尺度量子技术的量子-经典异构系统 Prof. Xiang Fu National University of Defense Technology 2021-05-28 Guangyu Sun
A Lecture on Circuit Simulation, Analysis, Design Automation, and Beyond Prof. Guoyong Shi Shanghai Jiaotong University 2021-05-26 Yibo Lin
Efficient DNN Algorithms, Accelerators, and Automated Tools towards Green AI Prof. Yingyan (Celine) Lin Rice University 2020-11-17 Guangyu Sun
5G Cloud, AIOT, and Edge Computing Prof. Kai Hwang Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen 2020-10-23 Guojie Luo
AI芯片体系架构和软件专题报告会2020 Prof. Yunji Chen et al. CAS Institute of Computing Technology, etc. 2020-04-12 Eric Yun Liang
Design and Implement of Robot Bodies towards Enhanced Physical Interactive Performance Dr. Zeyu Ren Italian Institute of Technology 2019-12-30 Tao Wang
A Case for Model-less Inference Serving Qian Li Computer Science Department, Stanford University 2019-12-27 Eric Yun Liang
面向高效推理的深度网络结构分析 Prof. Huang Gao Department of Automation, Tsinghua University 2019-12-24 Guangyu Sun
Structures as Sensors: Smaller-data Learning in the Physical World Prof. Pei Zhang Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University 2019-12-23 Chenren Xu
AI and Intelligent IC/Accelerator Design: A Synergistic Approach Prof. David Pan Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Texas at Austin 2019-12-18 Yibo Lin
From 7,000X Model Compression to 100X Acceleration: Achieving Real-Time Execution of ALL DNNs on Mobile Devices Prof. Yanzhi Wang Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Northeastern University 2019-11-13 Yibo Lin
人工智能时代-阿里巴巴平头哥芯片的挑战和机会 Prof. Yuan Xie UC Santa Barbara & DAMO Academy 2019-10-15 Guangyu Sun
中国高性能计算的发展趋势分析与展望 Prof. Yunquan Zhang CAS Institute of Computing Technology 2019-09-24 Guojie Luo
Enabling Computation with Minimal Data Movement: Changing the Computing Paradigm for High Efficiency Prof. Onur Mutlu Computer Science at ETH Zurich 2019-08-19 Guangyu Sun
Smart and Fast: Efficient Machine Learning Greets Agile Hardware Design Prof. Zhiru Zhang School of ECE, Cornell University 2019-08-19 Eric Yun Liang
Reconfigurable Computing, Machine Learning, Hardware Security and the Confluence in the IoT Era Prof. Deming Chen University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2019-05-28 Eric Yun Liang
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