Novel energy-efficient technology-driven computing architectures and platforms, including exploration on Computational Reconfigurable Logic Integrated in Processors, exploration of novel architectures enabled by 3D-IC technologies and non-volatile memory technologies.
Exploration of new energy-efficient applications, such as customized computing for deep learning, image/video processing, mobile healthcare, mobile environment sensing, non-volatile memory in data center, smart sensor networks and Internet of Things.



Compilation and Synthesis of Reconfigurable Accelerator-Rich Architecture
Many-Core (GPU/MIC) Architecture and Compiler Optimization
Compilation Techniques for Embedded Systems
Architecture Exploration for Energy-efficient and Reliable Memory Hierarchy
High Performance Storage Systems for Big Data Applications
High-Performance Reconfigurable Architecture for Wireless LAN Physical & Data-link Layers
Design Automation for 3-D Integration and Low-Power Technologies
Energy-efficient Computing Systems for Deep Learning Applications
Acceleration for Medical Imaging
Localization based on Environmental Physical Features and Indoor Floor Plan Reconstruction Techniques



From established to December 2014, CECA has 18 projects supported by national government, and 19 projects supported by industry.



From established to July 2016, CECA has produced 207 publications at top international conferences and journals in the related research fields, which includes 98 top conference and journal papers.
First time PKU 1st author papers: MobiCom'14, ISCA'15 and MICRO'15 (X2)
First time PKU co-author papers: ASPLOS'14 and ISCA'14