Title Speaker Speaker's Afflication Date Host
Contactless 3-D ICs A Promising Alternative to Heterogeneous Integration Prof. Vasilis F. Pavlidis University of Manchester 2018-11-07 Guojie Luo
Accelerating Data Science at the Edge Using FPGAs Prof. Viktor K. Prasanna University of Southern California 2018-10-09 Eric Yun Liang
Sensing + Interaction on and around the Body Prof. Cheng Zhang Cornell University 2018-06-26 Chenren Xu
Machine Learning on Chips Prof. Bei Yu The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2018-03-23 Guojie Luo
Efficient Methods and Hardware for Deep Learning Prof. Bill Dally NVidia/Stanford University 2018-01-27 Eric Yun Liang
Design for X (DFx) in Extreme Scaling and Emerging Technologies Prof. David Z. Pan UT Austin 2017-12-22 Guojie Luo
Designing the Wireless Internet of Things with Ambient Awareness Prof. Xinyu Zhang UCSD 2017-12-22 Chenren Xu
Processing at Various Levels of Memory Hierarchy Prof. Kiyoung Choi Seoul National University 2017-12-21 Eric Yun Liang
Design and Synthesis of Approximate Computing Circuits Dr. Weikang Qian Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2017-12-21 Guojie Luo
KV-Direct: High-Performance In-Memory Key-Value Store Dr. Lintao Zhang MSRA 2017-11-23 Guojie Luo
Unleashing the Potential of Data-Driven Networking Dr. Juncheng Jiang University of Chicago 2017-11-09 Chenren Xu
Efficient Methods and Hardware for Deep Learning Dr. Song Han MIT 2017-09-13 Guangyu Sun
Application-Specific Energy Modeling of Multi-Core Processors Prof. Vladimir Getov University of Westminster, UK 2017-08-02 Guojie Luo
Whither Advanced GPU Research in HPC? Where We Are, Where We’are Going Dr. Shuaiwen Leon Song PNNL 2017-04-13 Eric Yun Liang
Developing Computational Techniques for Complex Physical Systems: Visual Effects and Beyond Dr. Bo Zhu MIT 2017-03-02 Guojie Luo
Matrix Factorization on GPU: A Tale of Two Algorithms Dr. Wei Tan IBM 2017-01-13 Eric Yun Liang
Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Development Dr. Xiang Chen George Mason University 2017-01-06 Guangyu Sun
Energy-Efficient Computing in the Dark Silicon Era Prof. Tulika Mitra National University of Singapore 2016-12-12 Eric Yun Liang
Reliable Matrix Computations via Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance Dr. Zizhong Chen UC Riverside 2016-12-08 Eric Yun Liang
Design Automation for Cyber-Physical Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Qi Zhu UC Riverside 2016-12-06 Guojie Luo
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